Monday, May 24, 2010

The Colorado Couple; a Custom order

~I recently had an order for a pair of aprons as a wedding gift the following is from the accompanied note...

" John and Clare,
These two aprons were made especially for you, by belle and burger, in Austin Texas. Your sister told me a little about you to help me with a theme. She said you live in Colorado and love outdoorsy, hiking things.

With your love for wildlife I assumed that you two were keen on recycling and I tried to I use a lot of re purposed fabrics. I chose to use blues and greens because I think of Colorado and I think lush, green forest and cold, blue water.
Plant imagery seemed a perfect way to express your love for nature. So I searched for plants that would be symbolic of family, traditions, and new beginnings. I wanted to use floral images on Clare's apron, so I designed an Indian paintbrush applique. If you are not familiar with this flower it is a delightful wild flower that usually appears in central Texas in the early spring. The Indian paintbrush seemed like a perfect choice to give reference to lush beginnings, Texas and your sister . The tree I felt was a compelling image to symbolize strength and growth as family.
I wish you two a lovely life together and I hope you will spend many hours in these aprons making good food and good-times."


Catherine said...

These are gorgeous and PERFECT for the couple! I appreciate you making these on such short notice as well.

Lo Christine said...

These are fantastic!

Tamonster said...

Couple aprons are a great idea. That set is great!