Monday, January 28, 2008

BUCKETandSHOVEL! or Getting ready for spring planting

We got our first bucket with shovel combo and what a hit! Not only was it a blast at the park we were instantly popular with the older cool kids. All of this is spring training for the garden. I have been cruising some spots looking for heirloom tomato seed packages and came across the You grow Girl site which is awesome. Also for those central Texans The Natural Gardner site is terrific.They have a monthly to do list that helps you stay on top of your garden chores year round

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Anonymous said...

your cards are truly beautiful!!!!!! and boy, gotta love texas!! here we got over 14" of snow and will be icy cold over the weekend :( sigh... we LITERALLY need shovels... your kiddo is a cutie pie!!!