Monday, September 15, 2008

I am still here....somewhere

low and behold I get my computer back on Thursday, only to have my Internet start freakin' out on Friday....any -who~ we are still here and trying like the dickens to get this thing going. Maybe tomorrow, after a 3rd visit from the cable man, it will be working right. So this is to say hello!(hi) and.... hey look my son really does look like me.


Anonymous said...

HA! Love the added touch of the Elmo slippers. Too cute! My oldest daughter and I look identical in our pictures. So much so that one picture, my Dad actually thought it was me in the picture.

Deb said...

You really do look like twins! I love those elmo slippers, made me giggle! Your son is a cutie!

Laura said...

that's crazy! he's such a mini kyle but he's like your twin in this pic. saylor and me look very much alike now too, and lil' quinn is just a little boy version of "cali"! love you!!!!