Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Inspiration... Fleur T -designer silk and lace luxury lingerie

FleursT lingerie is absolutely gorgeous and every click lead me to more beautiful details that I am dying to try to mimic because I probably cannot afford to actually purchase any of these. I love the beautiful lace they use in this kimono.... maybe some thrifted lacy window sheers might find new life as a pretty imitation. Lalalalove the suspender skirted brief.

I am really into the suspendered brief . I am gonna try and purchase some of these little suspender notions and give it a whirl.(love nude hosiery ...I only have one pair of nudes, they are vintage , and real silk and stashed away somewhere (remember...must find those )
"Powder Pink Ballerina Suspender Brief - This beautiful garment is the epitome of romance with its handcrafted detailing. The back of the garment features a playful gather in silk georgette. Whilst the front has a hand finished georgette frill attached with a satin ribbon. The seductive suspenders are detachable so the garment can be worn as a brief."

~also I love the retro style 'Granny panty'
"Baby Blue High Waisted Shortie - This retro shortie combines a sexy look with ultimate comfort and flattery. The beautiful lace panels teasingly offer a glimpse of skin and the playful pockets can be left to your imagination!"


Shorty said...

Beautiful lingerie. Now, what I want to know is...how does that girl get her skin to look so beautifully pale???? I find my paleness to be discolored, if you will. Any tips on getting such a smooth & silky look???

belle said...

girl....that is all photoshop/lighting

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the underwear angrychicken.typepad.com has been sewing up?

Oh! And I used some of the tea towels you sent me last year to make an apron :o)

alittlebitofscrap said...

lots a pretty things going on here... :)