Thursday, May 27, 2010

The season's first Caprese or THAT'S why they used to call it fruit!

~We were lucky enough to be on the receiving end of some homegrowns from the Valley last week. The Valley being Harlingen Texas where KG's family roots out of. The great thing about homegrown tomatoes is that even if you can only afford store brand, part skim, mozzarella your Caprese still taste AMAZING! I am not sure what variety these tomatoes were but they were the sweetest tasting tomatoes I have had in at least 2 years. I mean it was crazy, like some kind of tangy mango, or something?! Last year was a terrible year for 'maters in central Texas; it was downright painful. Hopefully this year will not be a repeater... I have quite a few green ones on my Topsy Turvey vines, which are fairing quite well. (fingers crossed)So if you don't know here is the easy pleasy recipe for a summer staple in this house

white trash Caprese

sliced Mozzarella(the best you can git)
Basil leaves whole cut into ribbons ( mine were to little to use whole)
olive oil(Hill Country Fare)
kosher salt
cracked pepper
Home grown tomatoes

slice your tomatoes fairly thin and plate 'em,
drizzle with oil, sprinkle with pepper(no salt yet or you will get a real watery dish) ,
if you are using full basil leaves lay them on now if not lay your sliced cheese on.
sprinkle with basil ribbons if that is what you are using.
Drizzle with a little more oil and salt and pepper.


Deb said...

Oh! That looks sooo good!!! I can't wait for my tomatoes. =)

Unknown said...

This makes a really yummy breakfast on home made bread in the toaster oven. An English muffin works fine, too.

two vegan boys said...

We love "White trash" food. Hee hee. Me and some friends call ourselves white trash vegans or trailer park trash vegans. ;)

Lo Christine said...

Looks great! And so simple.