Monday, July 12, 2010

summer fun..... summer mud!!

~Well If you are one of my Digi buddies you might have or not have noticed I have been MIA the two last weeks. I am having a little bit of sickness but we are working through it and part of what is helping keep us sane is of course air conditioning, DVDs, cupcakes/ muffins, and last but certainly not least muddin'!
We made cupcakes from the joy of cooking using the quick cake recipe on pg681. We iced with the quick white icing colored blue by request. I put all the icing in a zip lock and snipped the tip and let burger" slime " the cakes. His diabolical giggling is not captured in this photo.
I also made a batch of these banana muffins(usually nut- less) , they are a household fave; and we have been slicing them in half and putting a spoonful of peanut butter inside then nuking them for 15 seconds (yum).

We have been watching loads of Shaun the sheep including the HI~ larious new one" one Giant leap for Lamb kind". The Mr. and me have been alternating between the new season of True blood and the early seasons of Homicide; life on the streets.I cannot get enough of these 1990's Baltimore detectives....

I have been going a little crazy not sewing although I did make a new patchwork duvet cover for a hand -me down twin size feather comfort( I made it before the bed rest was being inforced) It has been keeping me ( and my pea pie)couch happy~
I also worked a little on this new embroidery to use( maybe) in a banner for the blog and/or new business cards

~And then there is mud , I cannot hit the pool right now so we have been playing in our mud pit. Burger has become an expert at mud and loves explaining the process of making mud to me ...repeatedly, He also loves making me "chocolate milk"


two vegan boys said...

Hope you are feeling better. Is everything okay? If you need food, I can bring some to you, baked goods, dinner, whatever. It would be vegan. :)

Get well soon.

Krys and the boys

Anonymous said...

spring is here..feilds full of mud to play in publish more pics