Wednesday, August 25, 2010

little red slip dress

~ I made this dress on Friday for weekend trip to Houston. I have been wanting to do a little shirred waist knit dress design for a while. I actually have made two now . The first is super comfy but way too sheer for the public without layers. It also has quite a low neck line ( even for me). It really is like a slip and so comfortable I do believe I have had it on at least for part of everyday since I made it. I am actually wearing it right now.
~This pattern is adapted from my simple tank pattern I have been making for years. I am still working on a third hopefully perfect incarnation. Another knit dress pattern I am adapting is from my Raglan T-shirt pattern, however I plan on making it belted at the waist instead of shirred at the waist. I am really excited about some cloth belt designs I had been devising as well.
What I learned from this shirring on knit experience was that you want to remember to tug the knit a little as you shir. Otherwise when you put on the garment the shirred area will be too tight and probably break the elastic thread. The shirred area is gonna need to stretch as much as the knit is going to on your body.


Self & Co. said...

that is waaay cute. I'm impressed with your shirrrrr skills. I've never tried.
is that also how a "lettuce" fringe is done?

Candance said...

Precious, as always!!

Alex said...

Whoo, that IS sheer! Great design, I love the waist.