Friday, December 31, 2010

nanny's skillet cornbread recipe

~Well here about three years ago I shared my first blog entry, which was my recipe for greens. SO I decided why not open a Lone Star and celebrate by sharing my sweet cornbread recipe!( look!!you can almost see the start of my new tattoo...more later)
~I wish this was my nanny's recipe but I don't have one from her. I have however, had her cast iron skillet since I first left home at the ripe age of eighteen. It is the only kitchen equipment that I have had for my entire adult kitchen experience. It is also the backbone of my corn bread recipe. The reason being that you have to have your oiled skillet hot before you put your batter in it ; This gives you that delish crispy fried crust.
I have been making corn bread in this pan all these years. It was not till KG started courting me that I really honed my recipe into this very moist, and sweet one I am giving you. Kg does not like many sweets but he loves my corn bread. If you want to lessen the sugar feel free....

nanny's skillet cornbread recipe

1c flour
1c cornmeal
4 tsp baking powder
2 tsp baking soda
1/4 c sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 egg
5 TB vegetable oil
3/4 c butter milk
1/4 c yogurt
2TB honey
1/2- 1 c whole kernel corn


Preheat oven to 450 add 2 TB oil to skillet and place in oven. IN large bowl combine all dry ingredients. In smaller bowl whisk egg, 3TB oil, milk, yogurt, and honey. Pour wet into dry and mix just till combined. fold in corn. Pour batter into hot skillet, you want it to sizzle. Bake until golden and tooth pick comes out clean.
~Now serve with a big ol' helping of greens and black eyed peas. Obviously, from the looks of this photo I still have some work to do...we are also having fried green tomatoes this year
Happy NewYear!!!
PS.... my daddy's favorite way to eat left over cornbread was crumbled in a glass and topped with ice cold milk; eaten with a spoon while watching Sanford and Son....


Self & Co. said...

this entry warms my heart, it has some of my fave things: cornbread, Lone Star, Sanford & Son.
I bought my cherished cast iron skillet at a yardsale in New Hampshire many years ago, it took quite few seasonings to get the smell of crab (or something from the sea) out of it.
Happy New Year!
& happy 3rd birthday to your blog

dawt said...

My father ate cornbread the same way! Thank you for that memory.

Alex said...

I made cornbread this past Thanksgiving (for stuffing) for possibly the first time and it was so yum! I just made some more with the same recipe and added pickled jalapeno pieces. But your recipe sounds even better, what with the whole corn kernels, honey, and crisped crust! I will have to try it next time.

Unknown said...

I have vivid memories of sitting and watching TV with my grandpop while he would eat the left over corn bread in a glass of milk! I have never known anyone else who's family does this. I would have it sometimes as well, but would add a little sugar to mine. He also makes his in a hot skillet.
Thanks for sharing. ;)