Monday, January 10, 2011

Salt-painting Snow Flakes tutorial

~Since lots of folks across the country are dealing with Wintry Wonderous-ness, I thought I would share how we made our very own snow flakes here, in central Texas. We call it salt painting. It was a few months back that I was at the pediatric dentist with burger reading through some parents magazine(?no clue), that I came across this painting technique. Using glue you draw a design then sprinkle it with salt then drip watercolor"paint" into the glue salt and watch! Well after that we spent many afternoons salt painting can be more like a science experiment than a painting project.Burger and I came up with the snow flakes closer to Christmas.
Around the holly~daze we decide to do a thematic project; make snow flakes and salt paint them.

We had a big Christmas cookie play-date last month, which happened to fall on the winter solstice. In the spirit of winter even though it was in the 80's that day I pulled out the salt-painting snowflake supplies and we had a great time! so here you go.

Salt-painting Snow Flakes tutorial

*white poster board (or some other sturdy white paper product)
*snow flake template(here)or draw one of your own
*salt in shaker
*white glue
*food coloring
*newsprint for drop cloth
*baking sheet...too catch excess salt
*whole punch
*yarn or string


1.trace and cut your snow flakes. *An adult may need to do this part ahead of time if they are wee-mites.
and for our littlest we just cut circles about the size as the flakes.

2.Set up your table.
cover your table(if it is your kitchen table like mine) with newsprint, set up the paints( adding 5-10 drops of color to 1-2 tbs of water in little cups, I like to use Pyrex ramekins),
eyedroppers , glue and salt shaker accessible to your snowflake on the baking sheet .

3.Have the artist draw all over the snowflake cut outs with the glue

4. shake salt all over the snow flake. be sure to cover all the glue. the tip it on its side and let the excess all on the baking sheet.

5.paint your snow flake.using the eyedroppers drip the paint on the salt covered glue and watch it run !

6.let them dry . Then hang them up! punch a whole in a top then tie a string of yarn as a hanger

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