Monday, June 20, 2011

fry daddy... 105º and holding

~ I have been laying low mostly .....It has been like 105º everyday for the month of June in central Texas so needless to say I have been skipping the the market. I am planning on sucking it up and going soon. I will have to let you know when....What I will be doing is finishing up my Atlanta shipment.

I will share more as I take photos, speaking of photos , Someone who loves me so bought me a camera which i am just now getting my little paws on.
This post will be heavy in the random photo rambling info department as I get used to it and being able to take photos!
~we had a terrific fathers day even though the waitress spilt the syrup container completely over burgers head.(thankfully it was not warmed) It was quite traumatizing but we will remember fathers day well. We went to Papi's for a swim to wash all the sticky off. Then came home and spent the rest of the day in the kitchen; Kg's favorite room. First we reorganized the kitchen a la Julia Child. We had already done one peg board but we added a second and outlined the pots to help with keeping it this way.Then I made kg a banana pudding (recipe later this week) for fathers day.
We also had a fry fest since daddy got an electric deep fryer for fathers day. We fried green tomatoes, potatoes and drumsticks. All in time to sit in front of the TV ( horrible ...i know) for our Sunday show.

I have huge girly crush on Kristen Schaal....she is superb. I really need to get my hands on a copy of her book Sexy Book of Sexy Sex, co written with Rich Blomquist.(daily show)

~ and to end my rambling ketchup post.... Here are a few of those random photos I promised plus a a sampling of black joe lewis....another fathers day present to all of us

....summer fun at the Amy'ssuper weird but pretty fly/bee in the front garden
2 lizards engaged In an afternoon delight on our fence
bye y'all


Alex said...

Yay for your new camera! That striped skirt number is too cute. And fried green tomatoes, oh man! Tried to order some at Kerbey the other day but they were out.

Candance said...

The clothes are precious-AS USUAL!! I need to shop soon!! Max about passed out when he saw that banana pudding and now I'm determined to make some fried green tomatoes.