Tuesday, December 6, 2011

where you are is what you need....

~I looked for many moon cycles for vintage eyeglass frames on-line and found really some super fantastic places and options! But, fourtunately my fire belly burned and spurred me to venture into the plethora of vintage stores just within a 2-3 mile radius of my homestead(YOUR BELLY SHOULD BURN 4 LOCAL TOO). AT the start of my mission I stopped into this favorite relatively secret vintage getaway, where I succumbed to this heart-mazing gunfighter needlepoinT(gift)!!!@!!!!!!!!!!! IN one of these impecably hosted stores (the sales lady was just the bees knees) these perfect frames found me!! They remind me of the frames my Nanny sported that I inherited in my late teens and promptly had relensed!Unfortunately that was 1992 and they are long disintegrated.
~But back to the ongoing mantra .....amongst all the vintage running I forgot to pick up some craft supplies to get busy on an ornament tutorial. I also forgot to stop in and pick up the next DVD in my latest series obsession . SO whats a busy handed grrl to do after the moon pie is snuggled in his bed!?!?
~ you know it...make it work~Pull out the Buffy ...and just one or two of those vintage vanity cases that are brimming with dead stock trims, notions and other treasures in need of rebirthin' !!! and Walhalla...
Thanks Sarah lets do it again ...today(AND SHARE 2MORROW). THere is THE sneak peep at the ornaments made from what was right where I am !!!!!
and the video that put sarah on ON MY brain yesterday!

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Alex said...

Love the frames! Yay vintage!