Wednesday, June 13, 2012

jersey Re~vamped

~I picked this super well loved jersey from the thrift not knowing exactly how I was gonna keep all the things I loved about it while turning it into something sassy and wearable. This could easily have been turned into one of the usual raglan style re~T's that I dig making. The problem with that was  I was completely in love with the vintage V neck and the jersey style yoke at the top of the shirt, and I would have to chop that off to accommodate my usual pattern. In addition to wanting to keep some of the cool yoke I wanted to maximize the length hopefully even add a little. I have found that when I add the raglan sleeves I can actually lengthen a shirt by a few inches (something to make good use of). So I made the sleeves a little longer in the neck and made them outta jersey knit for extra stretch! I am thrilled with all the results of my solutions! I am also a little bubbled over by the name BOB on the back....might be a keeper.

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Anonymous said...

I love this! I think it's super cute and sexy, and I hope you have some like this at your farmers market days. You have the cutest style and I LOVE my kitty skirt! I've already worn it once and got many compliments on it! :-) "ms. James"