Thursday, January 8, 2009

doin' just fine

Thanks everyone for your heart felt wishes and support. We are all a little sleepy and mama has a terrible head cold. Burger is in high spirits and is proud of his new, big, strong, rancor teeth. His proud parents are happy it is over.


Jennifer said...

awww! what a sweet photo. glad all went well. jak

Jennifer Perkins said...

poor little whipper snapper, glad he is in good spirits. I feel ya on the head cold, thought mine was allergies but I might be wrong.

julia said...

look at that sweet smile. hearing his vigorous "RRROOOAR!" on the phone today was the best sign that he is back in the saddle... the force is strong with that one. we miss and love you guys... you get better soon, mama. we want to come play with your mighty rankor! xoxoxox