Friday, January 30, 2009

Inspiration...ilaria margutti

"Embroidering is woman.
It shows the process of the womans' nature without saying a word.
Like Penelope did, every woman weaves her own expectations, her body, her way of living according to her own desires, following patterns and rules made by herself.
According to these contents, I have decided to deal with embroidery, not only as a technique but also as an action with strong existential contents"

This work by Ilaria Margutti.
The title of the installation is Mend Me
I found this inspiring installation while
perusing, Design for Mankind. Her lines and content are incredibly moving . It is the beautiful details of her work that I am overwhelmed with. Sorry I could not include the detail photos but go to her link her words and images are fantastic.
I believe, through meditative needle work that women have mended themselves for centuries. I love the implications of this homage as well as the visual experience her work delivers.

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Blue Mama said...

I forgot to give you the embroidery book back...I keep meaning to give it a shot, maybe we could have an embroidery date?