Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yummy Summer reads

~Crazy Appalachia moth love
The Prodigal Summer By Barbara Kingslover

~Short ,Sweet, and dark
Farewell Navigator By Leni Zumas

Beautiful inspiration
Lotta Prints by Lotta Jansdotter

~Large and quite juicy
Anais Nin by Deirdre Bair

~Just picked this up yesterday and cannot wait to make at least 3/4 of the projects! All the Women's clothing looks doable and wearable, super excited
Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross


Laura said...

ok , i love that little red smock! is that for grown ups or wee ones? also the cover for that zumas book is just
amazing, i'd read it for that alone!
i could never get into prodigal summer, but maybe i should try again!
love you honey!!

alittlebitofscrap said...

If I got my craft room done, maybe I could get some sewing in and quit complaining about having nothing to wear.. hm.. This book is a great idea! Thanks for the link! :)