Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fun Parcels

~Burger and I have had a fun week with our snail mail!
Ever since I picked up a VHS copy of Digimon ,at a neighborhood yard sale, Burger has been quite taken with the character Greymon.
...Of course you cannot by these toys anymore at your regular stop and shop so we had to shop virtually which is often a little cheaper and more fun cause you get a little surprise in your mail box!.

~I did some virtual shopping myself at this talented lady's sweet etsy shop , Fawa shop.
I fell in love with the little pomegranate stamp and had to order right away! Not only was the stamp super sweet (not to mention fast shipping) she also sent me two little extra surprises.
Her dolls are also quite lovely ...maybe next time.


Hilda Vanessa Ramos said...

You bought a Fawa stamp?? Wow!!! She is really talented, she's a friend of mine and i love her so much! Thank you for supporting her, she gets so exited when she sells something on etsy!.

alittlebitofscrap said...

Sweet :) Thanks for the links!

belle said...

actually vanessa it was thru you that I found her! she is super talanted

by Natalia said...

Thank you so much!! youre very sweet...and yes I get super exited!
thanks all my love

Unknown said...

How nice seal, gave me a great idea to decorate wrapping paper for gifts. I saw the seals put on the link and are very beautiful, I took a pleasant surprise to learn that a Mexican girl that develops.