Friday, July 10, 2009

Two New Custom Aprons made with love

~I recently finished 2 new custom aprons. The first was for one of my dearest friends. I really loved making this apron because I was able to think of it as something I was making for myself.
~She had spied this butterfly fabric in another apron and said she wanted something with that fabric. She wanted a full apron on account of her having a bouncy slobbery baby and a four year old.
~This apron is destined for some heavy duty domesticity.
~Since I have been drooling over nasturtiums all summer.I decide to include them ~It is not just the beautiful tasty little horn shaped flowers that I love but their little disk shape leaves. They are such lovely , delicate plants.... When I look at them I get that excited twinkle inside; when something beautiful sparks you in just the right way. I made a skirt (no photo) a few weeks back that had a single nasturtium on it with two little leaves and I was pleased as pie with the out come.

~I had done a group of bell type flowers from a single quilt scrap on this earlier apron pocket.
...and I was itching to do something similar again. So I sort of combined the two ideas for the bib work on this apron.
~I use little bell~ish shape cut from quilt scraps for the flowers.
~ I laid out my entire design first then worked from the bottom layers up . My friend had mentioned she really liked my chic aprons, so I put one on the panel pocket .
~I was able to use so many tiny scraps that I had been saving just for a special heart felt project.
... I also finally used this sweet vintage button I have been hanging onto for at least a year.~ These blue rhinestone buttons I picked up a yard sale a few weeks back.
~I also made her a matching set of napkins. ...I am really into these napkin set right now. I make them in sets of 4 with scrap fabric from the apron then make a snap tie to hold them together.

~The second custom apron is for a repeat client who wanted a fourth apron from me. The pattern is the same as the first 3 . All she said was she wanted it to be "old fashioned " looking. I really loved this parameter. I also knew she does not really do yellow so that is what I worked with. Most of the fabric in this apron is recycled. The skirt was a beautiful vintage linen table cloth. ~On the pocket is a small embroidered doily I picked up at a yard sale I really love this little piece and when I saw it I new exactly what I was going to use it on. ~The prissy little lady cat on the bib was also vintage scrap that I had been saving for the perfect piece.~The "belt" is from the edge of a beautiful pink rose sheet .
~The blue shadow foliage fabric that I made the ties from is new.~ I bought the buttons new when I first started designing the apron. Pink roses ; very old fashioned in my book.~ I also made a matching napkin set for this client . I made the napkin's smaller ; Tea time napkins? I liked the idea of the smaller napkin but I am not sure about it's reality. ~I am organizing these scrappy napkin sets as a tutorial..... what do you think big or smaller napkins?


Blue Mama said...

LOVE, C! So gorgeous! I love the napkin idea too. I'm into both--we use fabric napkins instead of paper towels so the big ones would come in handy for sure, but the smaller ones would be great for smaller hands. Great job, Mama!

Candance said...

I love you're stuff! It's so pretty and I love wearing it!! These are beautimous and I love the napkins!

Shorty said...

I love the aprons! Those are so cute, Belle. Great job! The detail is amazing!!! Regarding the napkins... I think you should do both sizes. Offer the small ones as cocktail napkins, and the larger ones for dinner size... that can bring out the Donna Reed (aka hostess with the mostess!) in all of us!!!

Julia said...

I would say big napkins!! And your detail on those aprons is wonderful. So unique and beautiful. Nicely done.

alittlebitofscrap said...

I'm in LOVE!! I never thought about matching napkins to an apron, sweet idea. We use both paper and fabric here, even when it is just the two of us. Nothing like a nice cloth napkin. Yours are wonderful!

Laura said...

As an honored recipient of one of these spectacular aprons I cannot say how even more utterly gorgeous it is in person! Chas, the nasturtiums are so special, they truly have your hand in them, so similar to your pottery markings. Chad said we should hang this on the wall to display!! The colors are simply drenched in sunlight and it makes me so happy when i see it hanging in the kitchen waiting for me every morning! I will do a photo series soon and get them to you. I lalalalalalalalalaLOVE you!!

mamalibrarian said...

So sweet, both of the aprons! I love them!

katepickle said...

Oh wow these aprons are gorgeous! Not sure I could get them dirty! You are so talented!

MamaNamaste said...

I love~love~love your stuff, especially the aprons! They are exactly what I would dream of but never be able to find. You are amazing!