Friday, October 23, 2009


~October is a busy month for us with 2 birthdays, Halloween, + the start of craft ~o mania season. This year I added a handmade bridesmaid dress for my best gal pals out of town wedding(more on that one later). Anyway busy busy busy but Here are a few things I live and love right now

Super duper art My new shoes that Pugsly really took a fancy to.
and Mouth watering collages

~Margaritas with old friends(also the artist of the above collage)

~This sweater project
...From this book ( and trying to turn crotchet skills into knitting skills)
~Burger cooking
~Birthday cake(which needs to go away before I have yet another late night cake attack)

....and Halloween photo-ops
...see ya'll later


Self & Co. said...

love the shoes & want to be alone with that cake, for just 5 minutes

Aiyana Sphere said...

The shoes R the cutest-I STILL want
those boots! Anytime you want 2 trade art or couch rides lemmie know...miss ya'll muchos natchos

Shorty said...

You've got some yummy stuff there! ANd, I love those shoes... got to check them out.

Unknown said...

Mhhh... Margaritas, muy mexicanas!!