Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A PaleFace Birthday getaway

~In lieu of a birthday party for my 2 main men this year we opted for a quick overnight camping trip at the near by state park Pace bend.( formerly Pale Face park but was changed because it was offensive to us hill billies?) ~The park is located on Lake Travis just west of Austin
It is hard to believe this was Burger's first camping trip but It was. He was really into chasing critters(little ones) and looking at and making tracks in the soft sandy dirt. We all had a great time and it felt like a lot longer than just overnight. Right when It got dark Burger said" I am scared.. I am scared of my shadow", so daddy and burger played shadow games and overcame that fear at least for a little while. In the morning we ran around on the extra large shore line( due to the drought) and looked at flowers and fish.

I Love my men happy happiest birthdays....

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two vegan boys said...

This sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday.