Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy new Year!!!

I have been itchin' to share a few merry moments so here we go!!

we made LOTS of cookies this year , these are KG's new favs . I adapted a sugar cookie recipe to make these chocolate and peanut butter chip kisses. I will share the recipe later....and I finally had a helper!!
Burger got an awesome pressie from his daddy. KG decided to make burger an easel and I must say it turned out super duper fabulous! One side we painted with chalkboard paint and the easle itself we painted dino squad green for our lil' dino lover We are finally settling in and getting over the haze of the years ending festivities. I love the new hose and cannot believe all the room we have . Cannot wait to share pics of My very own studio!! I wish you all a lovely start to the new decade....


Laura said...

your new kitchen looks so lovely bright and airy!! i am feeling all giggly and excited about the realness of us moving there! i just can't wait to be living life with you and my sister and all of our families!! happy new year sweet lil c!!

SarahLP said...

Hiya, i must say your cookies look amazing.. and what a fantastic easel! Happy New Year :)

Thanks for your lovely comment too!