Thursday, February 24, 2011

fabric scrap cards

~I had some fun with fabric and paper a few weeks back and I wanted to share them with you. I simply used heat and bond lite and hand torn paper. Sometimes you have fabric that needs showing off. This was such an easy fun way to showcase some scraps. This cotton(?) woven snow bunny fabric is sew amazingly sweet. It was given to me by an amazingly thoughtful client of Kg's. From the history I am guessing it is pre- 1980...have not tried to locate its origin online, has anyone ever seen it before?

The others fabric is from a sixties full on poly shirt that I am refashioning into a scarf for a friend. I just loved the little bush, those sweet deer and the majestic lion
*I have a much more involved tutorial on making fabric scrap cards ....but if you are short on time or patience these are super simple and way fun!!

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