Tuesday, March 1, 2011

we have spirit animals on our clothes...

~So I have made quite a few custom works with people's spirit animals as part of the design. It is usually a bird or a horse or something equally majestic. Not all the clients call it that but that is what I think in my lil brain when I am making it. I think of their love and connection with the animal. I even checked out a book , at the behest of a client while I was working on her humming bird skirt.
Personally I had never consider myself as someone with a spirit animal; and really had always thought it to be quite hokey( even though I did subscribe to the idea -closetedly). What really renewed my interest in this concept is that burger has seemed to identify strongly with elephants since before he was even 2! Anyway I was frustrated that after all the research and self examining I still could not identify my spirit animal ... I felt myself adrift with no animal to spirit me a long for months. Then it came to me the CATFISH;kinda gross and not so majestic but.....I love those buggers. This affinity is anchored in my swamp fishing days of my youth. My daddy and I spent quite a few summer days in a flat bottom boat on the a Okefenokee. Also I am quite fascinated noodling.
So here you have my bottom feeder Appliqued T shirt . I have worn it a little almost everyday since I made it( last Friday)...have not even washed it; also ew gross. I use heat and bond lite on paper thin vintage fabric, an altered jersey knit white t shirt, fabric pastels and machine embroidery. alalalove

~Speaking of spirit animals,I made a pegacorn dress for one of my favorite friends to wear to a wedding. The dress is altered from the kimono dress pattern from this book.
* If you are looking for a new summer clothing sewing book this book is stellar. I do wind up alteringmost of the pattern but I do that with most patterns I use that are not mine.

~Any who.. She might have mentioned that her spirit animal is a pegacorn...or I inferred it. I must say I am pleased as a peach cobbler....I love it! I have not finished stitching the applique yet which always adds dimension to the designs. For the applique I used the technique it this tutorial

~On a side note. If your gonna be doing SXSW here in Austin, I will have a booth at the Guero's market on Friday March 18Th from 12-9pm . I will of course remind you again.


Anonymous said...

maybe Burger would enjoy the elecam just restarted at the Elephant Sanctuary in TN... http://www.elephants.com/elecam/

you can get your Catfish-fix at the Buda Cabela's...

love the shirt!

Jen Schneider said...

Oh, man, that is SO fantastic. I love it!