Tuesday, March 8, 2011

sew busy ; pretty and yummy stuff

happily. ....i am covered up right now! I am gonna say hi and blurb about a few bits....very quickly. Let me say I am so looking forward to a nice spring tutorial...any suggestions? a skirt, shirred dress, apron, or something else?
but back to the blurbs
~I have been completely wrapped up in making 5 dresses for a brides maid party.


I am just this side of done but here are some more peeks. They all have orchid inspired appliques. The blue coat is the brides something old I added cuffs and the appliques.

~I have been busy also maintain my every weekend Market promise to myself ( at least till it hits 100) I will be at the market tomorrow march 11Th
In addition I am having a booth during SXSW
belle and burger will be behind Guero's on march 18Th from 12-9pm
hope to see y'all there~one last thing ....some new food I am obsessing over@ local eateries and one book
the Odd duck trailer is A MUST EAT if you are in Austin ...such a taste sensation real culinary creativity; you must check out the daily menu
Also the La patisserie is a sweet treat...burger and I are enamored with the macarons ... he and I both love the lavender!?
....and on that note I leave you with this lovely read I checked out of our library
It actually has a very simple macaron recipe we plan on trying sooner rather than later

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katydidinc said...

The dress are absolutely lovely!!!