Monday, August 8, 2011

...the 'dre dress and stuff

I made his dress as the mock up for a pattern alteration for my sweet friend, ~dre. I used some fabric my bro-enlaw saved from the garbage....and i just lalalalalove it so it is mine!
The specs for the dress~
*dress is for waiting tables in at a high end casual dining establishment here in austin.
*dress has to have a sleave and be either grey or black.
*dress must have deep pocket for moleskin book, wine key and pen.

~We decided to use this, my boat neck dress as the basic pattern and just alter it for our needs. I brought the neck line in to cover bra straps...we are not gonna wait tables in a strapless bra.
I added 2 super deep pockets (i think this is waht is so awesome)
I also lengthened the hem a tiny bit and the sleeve just a touch.
we are gonna make a reversible obi to wear with both the grey and black dress. I will share the finished dresses.

Here is the obi on the boat neck

~Other things I wanted to share...
made this my new favorite skirt I wear it like all the time. It is cut on the bias with a high waisted thick elastic
waist band. The fabric is a sheer lawn cotton and a total vintage piece that I cannot even remember from whence it came.....ho hum. I like to wear it with a mini strapless dress that functions as a little slip under the sheer skirt. Would love to wear it with some of that hot shape wear I have been spying out there!
Also made (and sold ...sorry) this little cocktail dress. This is also made from small vintage fabric pieces I had, The top is trippy shrooms and the bottom is a Toulouse-Lautrec print repeated.... amazing. I a gonna be repeating this pattern because it is new. I like the drappy, slightly side boob revealing, tank combined with the high waisted mini pencil-ish skirt on the bottom.
lastly wanted to show you that Stacy colored in my roses ...we are moving along beautifully and I am pleased as a peach! almost done...maybe


Candance said...

Seeing all this makes me want Aug. 18th to hurry up and get here even more, dammit!! I love the black shirt as well as the dress for Grace (and maybe her mother who may or may not have a pair of cowboy boots with which that dress would be precious)!!!

Jen Schneider said...

Do you have a tutorial or pattern you can share for your obi belt? I've really been wanting one, and I'm guessing it's pretty simple. But I thought I'd ask!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

your ink is pretty epic and awesome. Just sayin.

Comedian/Actor/Activist Stevieweevie said...

Love your body art! It looks so beautiful! I have "Stevieweevie" across my back, lol