Wednesday, August 24, 2011

picklin' party

~Kg and I spent date-nite makin' pickles. We used great grandam Bertie's basic recipe but we made some new combinations. I am so lovin' the fresh thyme we added, thanks to inspiration from a favorite local interior Mexican joint; El Meson. We used red very pretty! we made carrots and onions for tacos because I am am totally addicted to the pickled red onions on these local shrimp tacos. We also made pickled green beans...yum! who'd a thunk a green bean pickled could ad so much to my salad????not this crazy lass. Any ~who it was fun and we cracked open a jar last week( a wee bit early admittedly)They were well received. I am ready to make more!!! Pickles are so fun because you really feel like you have done something special but simple. I love the fun of waiting and then the reward of tangy goodness you can add to like everything.

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Jane Davies said...

Nice! Love pickling, and especially I love the way the jars look when they are all canned. I just started doing some fermented, brined, pickles. Sauerkraut last fall and cukes and radishes this summer. For the cukes, you just put them whole into a clean glass jar, pour brine over them (1.5 T pickling salt to 1 qt. water) and keep them submerged. Skim the scum every day or two, and in less than a week you have these gorgeous sour pickles, think Kosher Dills. You can, of course, add dill and whole cloves of garlic for a bit more flavor, but it is the sourness that I'm addicted to. Thanks for sharing your pix!