Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The fire I can't put out

~ i have been told often that I have a lot of heat and fire in me...."yes,i can totally see that"I say , and think "damn i better do something to fix that". Usually this heartfelt information is followed by advice(good advice) on how to cool my jets a bit. Things to eat and not eat , breathing techniques and types of exercise to practice. Having suffered from migraines all my life I am completely aware of the sensation of over heating. These headaches are said to be directly related to my fire burning out of control. I have had great success in the past 5 years with following said advice and reaping great benefits; however I was a following a tad blindly....

~I guess really I just wanted to share a revelation about this fire within me (with me for ....when I forget) That today, in between a breath... I realized that I should not try to put out the fire to control it. I should not even look upon it with fear and dread that I often do.You see I kinda forget about the fire when it is being all stoked and proper. It is only when I have a few months of migraines or flashes of heat and anger that I remember it and try to whip it into shape. But today ~I know~ that this fire is Mine to control or loose control of it me; and yes sometimes the flames do whip up and burn me and others ....sorry 'bout that.
It is my gift and my connection~ only when it is lit in self-possession

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