Monday, March 26, 2012

spring; what it brings

~ Poppies in Austin.... ANd loads of other wild flowers
~Ataulfo Mangos along with sticky rice ....yummmmmmmmmm
~ This Brussels sprouts recipe!!
This is my food crack sold at a local trailer and I have been trying to recreate it for months!! I didn't not even know that the chef who started these trailers won Top Chef,Texas!!! DUH
~ the market ...we have finally returned ; I am planning to be there every weekend till it hits 100! ( as long as I have stock !! so at least every other week)

~ lots of short sleeves, skirts and dress inspirations being made for the many warm months approaching central Texas!!One of the best parts of living here is getting creative with wearing as little as possible!!

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Candance said...

I think I'm wearing the green dress to my bridal shower Sunday!! I wanted to wear it Friday night, but it was chilly and windy. That would've been a bad combo.