Monday, March 3, 2008

cut out and keep inspirations

I recently did my own versions of 2 cut out and keep projects I admired.
I made this tea wallet (love this sweet gift Idea) that was posted by athenamat of diynamite.

I also made these pincusions inspired by Holly B, I used some beautiful quilted squares that Cinda found for me to make my fabric rounds.


Anonymous said...

oh! I just signed up for cut out + keep today! I love the tea wallet! I'm going to have to make one now! I don't drink tea, but I have a tea obsessed friend.

I love the pincushions! I am a little pin cushion obsessed. I like the one with the orange on top, and I'm really loving the lady bug buttons!

In reference to your comment on my blog... It must be hard to have a 16 month old while having migraines! And yes, it's very frustrating when you have to struggle with the smallest things! It makes me feel like I get nothing real done.
But then sometimes I feel like it's sort of a blessing in a way because it makes me treasure the better days in a way I never did before, and I'm getting to where I notice the small things a lot more, too. I used to sleep two hours a night because I was always so busy, now I sleep 10 hours a night and go very slowly, but it all means more.

Anyhow, thank you for empathizing :) It's good to feel understood!

Anonymous said...


so impressive


I shall look for you at the farmers market.