Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

my little bunny runs so fast

I made my first easter basket. I hid raisins,
goldfish and rocks(burger likes his rocks) in the eggs.
I also made bunnyvampires(the red bunny)
inspired by Cinda's bloody mouth bunnies(see pic below)

We had a fun day at Grammy and Pappy's
Cinda made delectable edibles and the most wonderous peach pie, yumyumyum.

Cinda's Bunnies were out in full force and Burger just loved them,
particularly the little bloody mouthed ones
(seen here in the bottom left corner).

Afterwards we had a relaxing evening at home... early to bed sweet bunny.


Steph said...

The ears are adorable, and so are the vampire bunnies!

I hope to see you next week at the farmer's market again. :)

Blue Mama said...

What a sweet sleepy boy...