Monday, March 24, 2008

Love my Farmers Market booth

Humongous thanks to all my sweet friends who came out to support me on my virgin farmers market experience.

We had a ball and I think now that I have finally gotten rid of the 2 day migraine I had from stressing( i am crazy yes)....we are gonna keep it up!!!!

I am gonna try to do previews of stuff I will be selling , these 2 bags will be available Saturday

And I will have these "Market" skirts, they are fun! I took my classic "A" line zip back skirt and made an elastic waist version that is easy to wear and great to slip on for a quick market trip.I am so very into making pockets and patches right now so expect to see them o just about everything!

I will hopefully have some new boys shorts and or pants I have some great new fabrics to test them out on.... and burger NEEDS some new duds.

This week not only did I not preview I didn't even take pictures of the goodies on the table( I was quite a nut case) but Daddy did snap a few of a strawberry faced burger....enjoy.

Hope to see you guys Saturday at the Sunset Valley Farmers Market!!!!!!!!!


becks said...

Congrats! We may stop by again tomorrow, I probably shouldn't as I am budgeting and know I will find something that I can't live without!

Blue Mama said...

I want one of those skirts!! If you have any left over from this week's market let me know, maybe we can have a playdate this week as well.