Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Did I mention I heart pockets right now? or How I fell down on my sunday etsy listing...

Excuses in the order they occured:
1.memorial day fun fun fun at deep eddy with my cali transplants

2.nasty nasty serger bufoonery this is the book that helped me after a full day of work time(and 2evenings)spent trying everything!! The Ultimate Serger Answer Guide.
And then I started making pockets and patches and I was so excited I could not force myself to get on the machine that talks back(my mac; he is my friend though)

this is a pocket for a custom skirt,
this is the smock for a new apron
sew(hehehe) I am working but I probably won't update etsy until early next week!

Here is one more series of memorial day pix "The Chip"

contemplation... offering...

Hey D.C. next year you and yours will be in these photos!!!


Blue Mama said...

Wow! They look GREAT!
I heart pockets, too. So handy for Mamas!
Glad it stopped raining you so you could go to Deep Eddy!!

Laura said...

hahaha, i love seeing yins hang together and the secret "dc" coded message too! i can't wait for loungey afternoons by the water with my fave babes galore!! man, merle is getting to be quite handsome, he's got a crooner face, those eyes! love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!