Sunday, May 11, 2008

such a happy mothers day......

Thanks to my two sweet and oh so loving guys,

I had my most wondrous mamas day yet( this is my 2ND one), I am one lucky mama! I slept in till nearly 9am and then was treated to dim sum at our fave dim sum local T& S seafood located way up on north Lamar. Then papa helped me clean the sewing/everything room and put up these absolutely fabulous shelves.

this is preshelves.....

and post shelves...very dreamy organization

He was also very thoughtful( he is really quite a thoughtful man) and remembered that I really wanted Amanda Blake Soule's(from soule mama blog) new book The Creative Family (how to encourage imagination and nurture family connections).

I also got purty, purty flowers on Friday ( i love it 'cause then I can enjoy them all weekend!).

All and all a beautiful day that I will love to look back on.. thanks dada and burger

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