Friday, May 2, 2008

Whats in your bag lady?

The new give-away is a sweet little tote with vintage "girl scout" fabric(I think it looks like a girl scout pattern).
All you have to do is list 5 things in your bag right now.
here's mine....
1. Target brand size 5 diaper handheld massager(hm?forgot that was in there)
3.hobby lobby receipt
4.a chimp
5.crack roks(crackers)

I will choose next Friday from the comments left on this post


Goofyness said...

1. My favorite yellow wallet
2. Carmex lip balm w/ SPF 30
3. Hand lotion
4. Petite Pen
5. Tissues

Anonymous said...

1.My teency weency leatherman

2.Quarters for my son to use on those silly toy venders

3.A DUM DUM'S lollipop wrapper

4.My favorite hair clip (that is broken)

5.My Blackberry with all the adorable pics of my son

becks said...

1. skull wallet
2. wipes and diaps bag
3. old cherrios
4. craft-o-rama class list
5. fruit leather

Anonymous said...

1. some lip gloss I made myself that I never leave home without
2. curious george fruit snacks for the kid for emergency meltdowns
3. pictures of my boys
4. bottled water
5. pens

Blue Mama said...

Wow--I have a lot of shite in my bag. Let me go grab it:

1. Jen Arnston pink skull makeup bag with: Peacekeeper lipgloss, glominerals foundation, Palladio blotting papers, two glosses and two lipsticks.

2. wallet

3. Belle and Burger iPod cozie sans ipod

4. business card holder

5. lipstick pallet with six lipsticks

6. Whole Foods "altoids" style mints

7. hand lotion

8. assorted receipts

9. gum

10. assorted Juice beauty samples that I had in my bag from my last demo--six of them

11. oops, two MORE lipsticks and another gloss!

12. work name tag

13. ponytail holder, black

14. camera

15. sunglasses

Anonymous said...

Ok, here goes...

1. A bunch of crumbs

2. my cell phone with crumbs caked on it

3. Eyeglasses in their case (to keep the crumbs off)

4. Two clean diapers

5. Crumpled receipts and coupons from my various trips to the grocery store.