Thursday, June 26, 2008

Custom Skirt for Houston and Weekend preview

I recently mailed a custom skirt and shirt to Houston. Of course I did not manage to get a day time photo but I did scan in the pocket .
I also made a patch for the back of the tank( one of my new fav decorations for the tanks becomes a reversable tank the patch can be a crew neck front look or a middle of the back accent.)
I can't get enough of these little circle appliques inspired by ZiaZia's broaches at velcro.
I will still have the printed tanks( no patches). I am putting the patches on the solid colored backs to juice them up a little.

I want to put the little appliques on my undies as well, I had a little stumble with my panty production because instead of stretch lace (that I had ordered on e-bay) I received collector holiday ornaments of the 'night before Christmas'!!!????
Anyway that is hopefully being taken care of so we will see...
Also this week I will have new aprons and boy shorts( no photos yet) and of course skirts! I have this beautiful green linen little number I have been pouring over for some time sooo ... very excited to finally finish her.


Blue Mama said...

Love all of it!

I can't believe you rec'd Christmas ornaments!!!! GRRRR!!!! I have to mail a package for my mom so I can take those with me too if you like. I was thinking Monday I'd go to the P.O.

becks said...

love these. i am wearing my belle and burger striped tank right now (one of the three i now have!) have you tried fold over elastic (FOE) for your panties? i think they will save your sanity. it's like bias tape but strechy.
oh man that food you made us was amazing! thanks again. i am still eating yummy leftovers. i just ordered the sew-u homestretch, so gotta thread up the serger and enter a whole new world of fabric buying options!

belle said...

yes, actually I got some "foe" a few weeks ago from sewzanne's awesome online fabric solution!