Monday, June 2, 2008

Pretty new Paints and Pretty new Flowers!!!

Well, we used up the finger paints so, it was time to buy more. My gal pal over at babybolt recommended getting tempera paint this time, duh! They were awesome ...I forgot about the smell of tempera it really sent me sailing back to some sort of early childhood euphoria( i have terrible memory skills.... through no extra curricular activities of my own)

Needless to say we had a blast and you can use them with brushes...

...both ends, and sticks, and on bellies...

oh my sweet little Matisse (he chose all the colors by himself)

Also here is the garden this week....

cukes... YUMYUM

and these crazy beautiful rutgers tomato flowers ( they look like tiny mums to me)

and my gerber is finally flowering again after a few weeks off( lazy little thing) yay Monday fun!!!!(speaking of lazy) now I must do some sewing!

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