Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Panties and patches and pockets, Oh My!

I made some more panties ...Yay! Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement. I am still working out the sizes (these I believe are 6's ), and the edging( elastiasize or not) ; but I wore a pair( not pictured ) all day and the were super comfy way; beyond my expectations. Who knew you could make your own undies?
Anyway this is just getting more exciting for me because I just got "Sew U Home Stretch:The built by Wendy guide to sewing knit fabrics"

I think it has all the secrets I have been searching for! So look out for knit dresses cause they are coming!
But for now panties
and patches(pockets)


Blue Mama said...

I love love love all of it, especially the Mae Mae skirt and the panties.

Can't wait to rock some B&B chonies!!

ayumills said...

I love your patchwork style! fun!

kale daikon said...

Hi Belle! We met at the farmers' mkt last Saturday. I bought a strawberry card. Can't wait to see the undies how-to. You can check out your picture on my site in the Austin post:

jgomula said...

Wow! those panties are HOT! Just great for a Mama's Day anyday!

Lola said...

I love the panties! I have been wanting to make my own for quite a while have not found a pattern a like. Did you use a serger or a regular machine to sew the panties?

Anonymous said...
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