Monday, July 28, 2008

Apron Month! or july custom orders

Cute july market photo of Dada and burger...needed to be here

July was a month of record custom orders for me! I am very lucky to be developing such good trusting relationships with so many fun people. I also had my Apron give-away this month ; which was my most responded to give-away so far . Thanks to all who left such sweet comments.
I had several custom apron orders that were each in need of special attention for different design needs. It was a creative boost to work out the specific needs and let function help dictate form.

I first made a custom apron for a pizza waitress in Portland Maine(a very dear friend)
I worked pizza joints for more years than I am going to disclose so I was quite intimate with the needs of this apron.
1. Looks good with jeans
2. looks kinda like a pizza
3. very durable washable material
4. User friendly pockets:
a. I have a larger long(deep) one for the check book
b. a smaller more shallow cash "drawer"
c. a few pen slots

This apron also has a fold down waist band to get a different look ..or if you are too busy to have a sassy tie in the front

I really loved this project... The client wanted a very durable apron that would wear well from the kitchen to the hostess table without showing to much stain that was the function part.
The content was constructed from a free flowing idea email she sent me about her house her style and her family. This was what I came up with and we were both thrilled with the outcome. Thanks girlfriend it was a fun collaboration of ideas!

I made several custom skirts this month but I seem to have mis-filed the photos on the machine . Two were "tractor girl" skirts here is a pocket from one! hopefully my gal pal form sunset valley will be sending me a photo of her modeling hers soon!

This was the pocket on a half apron that I made for Cali transplant's 29Th birthday , It is supposed to turn her into a domestic diva( the airplane is from this vintage curtain that a co-vendor gave me ! It is so Richard Scaryesk...look for more in this series; very fun,inspiring fabric))

Custom wrap skirt, This is the greatest green fabric almost seersucker texture ...very flowy perfect for a wrap ( thanks Cinda)
"Apronstrings"had a very similar apron on Monday I was tickled over( i told you the fabric was sew similar D)

This custom apron was for a gift for Houston's Sissy -in -law( almost, mipper), I am really in love with it . She gave me no specs cause Houston trusts my creative genius completely (hahahaha- she is completely under my spell)I made the sister to this apron and sold it on Saturday at the market without taking a single photo!!!! I hope to see the buyer again maybe she will send me a photo


So luckily for me I had lots of great response to my aprons and skirts at the Market and beyond. Thanks everyone for your growing support!~ I did not get the greatest pictures ( I missed a couple all together). But They were all very fun and special so I wanted to share them! Thanks for bearing with me thru this rambling post I am sleep deprived this week (already)


Anonymous said...

Chas, this was a totally enjoyable visit to your blog! Your work makes me smile big!

You are right...our green polka dots are strangely similar...too cool. I love the colors you used with yours.

I'll be keeping my eye on your blog. It's too much fun to let pass by.

Your boys are handsome, indeed!

Laura said...

i'm loving to read yer blog so much these days. sifting thru your creative process reminds me of our days spent under the wing of dear syd and all the lovely ink fumes. your aesthetic is so pleasing and these aprons are insane. they'd go for at least $200 at anthropologie or something.
i's soooooooooooooooo proud of you and yani's gonna flip when she gets her pizza apron.
well still missing you and i just love you!!!!!!!!!!! (did cali say she was just 29? don't believe it, that girl is 32!!) xoxoxo

Michele P. said...

love the aprons! geez, you have a friend in Portland huh? You gotta tell me what restaurant she works at so I can stop by and say hi the next time I'm down there (and just might catch her wearing your apron too!) It is only about an hour and a half from where I live in Central Maine... Glad you liked my bro's music, I would have loved seeing the little one enjoying it too. His daughters Rhapsody (2) and Zoe (5) love his music too. Have a great weekend, at least what's left of it!

Hello Naka said...

i love ur blog ^^

ur aprons are so quirky and unique