Thursday, July 24, 2008

Desperate times desperate measures

desperate people in my drive way stealing things ! I don't usually write to much on here about our troubles because I like to write about my inspired moments but I cant get this off my mind and I think it is stifling my pocket making this morning.
Yesterday around 2:00 (past nap time) Burger and I were trying to wind down for a nap in front of Donald duck You tube. Big dog was barking(from the bedroom this dog knows ) and through my Disney haze I wondered is Dada home already? I looked through the shade to see a silver sedan parked in the drive "who is here?" I wondered annoyed as I stepped out the front door( with burger on my hip) to see a 200lb 40 year old man with his arms full of valuables (Dada's work stuff) jumping into the back of this car. I WAS NOT THINKING STRAIGHT.....
I grabbed the other side back door and proceeded to try and stop them. pulling out some of the goods and bruising my leg. (I KNOW THIS WAS STUPID)
Luckily the driver was a women also about 40 that was very concerned that I was holding a baby...she did not run us over
Anyway I have to assume they were desperate ...I am not excusing them I feel completely violated
The Daddy's girl from the Georgia woods said"oh HELL no you ain't taking my sh*t "
You see we feel pretty desperate right now too "Do we buy groceries this week or pay the utility bill that just sent notice" so I can empathize
I have nothing remarkable to say or insightful or an idea of how to make it better... I just see the storms coming the cost of living is increased so much in the last 6 months we can't keep up!
The cops came I got the plate # ... But even if they stop them what about the rest of us .


Michele P. said...

wow! Be careful, esp. since it was you and the baby alone. In our paper today, a home invasion a few streets over for prescription drugs, a credit union robbed a few towns over, and theft of metals everywhere... everyone is so desperate and people are taking to buying firearms to protect themselves and their homes. Not the smartest thing to do with little ones in the home, due to all sorts of scenarios (accidents, playing with guns, etc..) Unfortunately, I feel my son will be one of these desperate people sooner or later himself. (more on that on my blog) Everything has gotten to be so darn expensive, and I am in the same situation as far as bills go, having been out of work for 3 months and hubby being in Central america for a month, and missing 3 paychecks in the meantime. Be careful! And I hope they catch them!

Blue Mama said...

Girl! I still feel a little adrenaline-y on your behalf!

When I told S the story he was proud of you for protecting your home like that!

Steph said...

So sorry - how terrifying, and how unfair.

becks said...

unreal! so sorry this happened to you. have jen decoupage a baseball bat for you!
one word:

Erndog said...

That's horribly scary! Glad you guys are alright though...geeez!

And since I didn't win your awesome apron, I'll have to make sure to seek you out at the market again. Need one with a sweet little chick on it just like the one you gave away. :-)

Anonymous said...

It's a stinking shame you can't take feel safe in your own home and know that your property will remain your property when you turn your back on it.

I lived in Austin in the early 70s and felt safe roaming the streets day and night. We slept with our doors unlocked. Times have changed all over...Here in Hattiesburg we here about that kind of stuff happening almost daily. In Mississippi that fellow would have been fair game. I am glad the "lady" getaway driver showed mercy and didn't run y'all down.

I hope your hubby's tools, etc are returned.

A side note to Erin...I won that fabulous apron...and am so thrilled. I hope you are able to get one, too. I'm planning on wearing it to town the first chance I get. I am so anxious to receive it.