Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fun yellow cards

I might be seriously considering moving on to yellow ...I think it is seeping out of my subconscious; I changed my serger thread to "maze"
I am really enjoying the change.
and so was someone else......hmmmmmm

I dyed the paper for these cards a month or so a go and I had a jolt of inspiration and whipped these little babies up this past week.

I sold all three on Saturday at the Farmers Market. Luckily daddy scanned them into the machine for me Friday night."What a man, What a man, What a man, What a mighty good man!"( don't you wish there was a music symbol key up there; they could just replace "^ " I never use "^" )

Think about it...Boy am I sleepy, night night


Anonymous said...

Love the cards! (It's the boy I want! He is too cute for words. You are blessed.)
Did you make the paper, too...or just dye it?
I've got a piece of green fabric...on the bright side...kind of Easter egg green...that I'm thinking of over-dying. I've been itching to do some over-dying and that would be a good place to start. I bought it for $1 a yard at the Salvation Army, because it feels wonderful...the color came with it at no extra charge. :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Chas, just want to let you know I got the most wonderful package in the mail today...made my day! I love it, love it, love it!

Pictures on my blog...