Friday, August 14, 2009

I wonder if I'm Growing

~ We have working on some things around here keeping ourselves busy. I have a few tutorials I am creating and doing quite a few custom skirts all to be shared later along with a much needed shop update. One very important family transition we are in the midst of is giving burger his own room and bed. Burger and I have shared a room for toys and sewing (and guest bedding) for almost 3 years. Very slowly over the last month or two we have been moving my sewing studio into our living/toy/TV room and moving Burger's toys and such into his room. We always called it the sewing room, Now he says "My room". We were slow about the sleeping. Starting with naps then moving into nights. But now that is where he wants to sleep. I still have to go in once or twice when he wakes but I think even that will dwindle out. I think I am probably the saddest out of all of us about the change. The first 2 weeks were very difficult for me sleeping wise; but I am getting used to it. I guess my little man is growing up.

~Other stuff I am loving right now,
Alabama stitch book.... I cannot leaf through this beautiful book enough. The projects are all hand sewn and made from recycled tshirts; I am just in love with this one ladies.
Homemade Life...This is such a wonderful book about food and life and love and all that kind of deliciousness. I brought it home yesterday from the library and have read half of it (which for me is alot). The recipes look yummy and the stories that Molly Wizenberg tells are even sweeter. I must admit I have not followed her blog Orangette, but I will now.

Sharon Jones she is bringin' it ( um yeah I watched "Bring it On, All or Nothing"at the gym this week, sorry ) I bought the album 100 days 100 nights, thinking" wow, I have never heard of this 60's soul sista ",DUH, That is because the album came out in 2007. She is one hot, howlin' mama and her 8 piece band really back her up. The music is incredibly authentic and so is the writing , and I can not hear it enough. In particular this lil' sex you up song.

Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings - Let Them Knock - Live


Unknown said...

Ooouuuuiiiii to good music, so inspiring. It is difficult to see the children grow, no longer dependent on one but it is exciting! that are more than ready to discover and rediscover what surrounds them. At the beginning is always difficult, but after it is rewarding for both them and as a dad. How old is your son?
Greetings from Mexico!!

Deb said...

Your little one looks so tiny in his big bed_such a sweet photo. That is one beautiful skirt. Have a great weekend :) .

Shorty said...

Would love to see pics of your new sewing set up, and Burger getting his very own space sounds soooo cool and grown up! Kudos to you for sharing in the snuggly space with him! And, loved the music and the book references! You just reminded me that I've said 101 times that I wanted to go to the library and check out some cool books. I just need to make that happnen...

Ana said...

My little guy moved to his own bed at 4, and I felt so lonely for the first 2 weeks - even though his bed was in the same room as mine. He transitioned to his own room at 5 (almost a year ago) and I still feel the need to check on him at night. He still piles in with me in the mornings sometimes. However, he now has his own space and it makes him feel very grown up. Warm happy thoughts for you both as you make this big change.