Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Texas Tank

~I recently met this sweet lil' filly from Boston and we easily hit it off chatting over baseball(hello she is from Boston). Many hours and Lonestars later we were cutting it up over at the Continental Club's Sunday Heybale show together . This whole night reminded me again just how much I love this big ole state I live in. Nothing like baseball, Lonestars and country music to bring a Yankee and a Redneck together in Texas. I found my self repeating her lines from Lyle Lovett's song and swearing they were true; Texas does want you anyway...even if you are a Yankee or a from the Georgia woods.Link
~Somehow this story seems fittin' in my post about my latest tank design. It is my Texas tank and you don't have to be from Texas to wear (or want)one, you just have to have some sweet Texas Pride which I think is pretty easy. This is my third one ( I wear the other two). I made it for my Dallas Mama's 4 year mamaversary. The applique is a quilt top scrap shaped like Texas made in to an iron on with wonder under. I then stitched it on as well because I just really like stitching. I have not really tested the wonder under without the stitching. I find the wonder under helps keep the integrity of the applique' a little more that just fusible interface especially since some of my quilt scraps are from the 40's. I bought the wonder under to make these appliques into iron-ons for Parts and Labour but that is still being worked out (in my little brain) I will tell you all about it when I get a method hammered out. There are plenty of these Texas tanks in the works and I will post them when I put them up for sale.

~One more side note about Texas pride, I love Texas music and I love me some Scott Biram (even if he is a mean old bastard). Now he has strayed on his last few albums away from my heart and away from country music. (he 's playing up to his Honky fans) Sorry honky fans not a lover. But this one hits me right where I live and so I share it with Ya'll. ( and the rest of the record is terrific)

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Blue Mama said...

Thank you so much for my sweet little tank...I may have strayed out to California for close to a decade but I'll always be a proud you! I'll wear this with pride!!