Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Giraffe Sisters

~I recently had a custom order from a very close friend for her sister(who is also a close friend). She wanted a skirt that would go with a tank that I gave the sister and also include a giraffe in the design. "The giraffe" she said" is our sister spirit animal." Aren't they adorable little hippies! Now these are two of my favorite people in the world so I am always inspired when making items for them.
Now believe me I have quite a stash of fabric( I need fabric management counseling); but I was not really feeling any of my stash would work for this particular piece. The tank is a sweet cherry print on a very mellow yellow background .Lalalalove it. I kept thinking that I wanted to use something like denim but we still have a long way to go in central Texas summer.
So I decide o just stop in and see what was at the big half off sale at my local chain fabric store anyway.When I walked in this blue linen fabric just grabbed me. I knew immediately it was the one! I had planned using a 70's patch work quilt top scrap to cut the applique's from. So I thought this linen had the perfect70's look and feel a to it( without being some crazy itchy hot polyester). The pattern is my own a-line with that mellow yellow foe at the waist and a little more flare at the bottom. I think is is a great everyday casual skirt, and it looks great with cowboy boots!~It will also be nice and cool for the summer but the dark blue linen is giving me a fall feeling. (We really only change our colors in the fall in Austin.)
I came up with the single giraffe design and then decided that I wanted two little sister giraffes under the sun. The recipient loved it and so did I!! I hope her sissy does too.
expect more giraffes this fall from belle and burger


Blue Mama said...

OMG I LOVE this! I'm thinking I need a new B&B skirt...:)

Hilda Vanessa Ramos said...

I love how the skirt turned out!! at first I thought It was denim.
Does it close with a zipper?

julia said...

I luuurrrrve it Chas! Thank you for making such a special gift for me (and thank you to my sweeetest sis for thinkin of it!) I'm sucha lucky girl... Love you both xox

alittlebitofscrap said...

I love this!! Do they have a blog? I wonder if they modeled it. Would love to see what it looks like on :)

Laura said...

CHAS!!! this is exactly what i was imagining!! thank you so much for creating this lovely piece for my sister for her birthday!!
i love being able to support your artsy craftwerks and gift lovely perfections to my lil sis (who may just be your living breathing catalog!)
can't wait to see it on her this weekend!
lalalove you!

Ally said...

I love the giraffes and cannot wait to see more B&B giraffie projects!

belle said...

thanks ladies for so many sweet words!! Lil bit scrap~ no she has not got a blog but I promise to post a photo of her in it are you on fb? friend me, ok?

Cindy Is Crafty said...

How completely cute it this! So sweet!