Friday, December 18, 2009


~Well I am finally able to sit at the computer for more than email checks, craigslist searches, and pining for other's holiday cheer. We are settling in but WOW moving during the holidays , not so crafty.
I have done lots of online tootling, wishing I did not feel like such a voyeur let me share a little.

~We have managed a tree, that I have not managed to take a decent photo of yet but pictured here on a limb is Komodo...Burger's favorite personality as of late. *We also are managing to make some Christmas cards (lets hope they make it out in time).
I found these tear candle cards which I Loved , but we decided to make trees instead( I hope to show you more later)
* lalalaovin' these super simple cranberry ornaments.
* I really want to make Burger this but a kitchen instead of a barn( he is really onto all these tiny kitchen and food toys ). I think like this version a little better, because burger is not so keen on the softer toys.
we are making cookies, of course the cowboy cookies but also some sugar cookies with "sprankles" on top...I like mine chewy
*I think that faux snowmen are in order for Christmas eve.
*Next years stockings will be....these

Happy happy holidays to al Ya'll , are you feeling merry?


Shorty said...

so glad you guys are getting settled! just in time for Christmas! happy holidays to you, my friend!

Laura said...

you're awesome lil c. i love you!
it's snowed 10in here so far and still dumpin away! no ivory and tp projects gonna be happening up here!

Candance said...

You're new place looks cozy!! You're right, though, moving during the holidays is not so bueno! I'm still getting all my stuff out of D-'s place. Long story, but at least the holidays are done and I can focus more on it!

Hope y'all had a great holiday! I miss talking to you!!