Friday, April 15, 2011

garden harvesting apron...

~I love this apron I just finished. It is my pattern drafted from my favorite vintage apron. all the fabric is vintage and scraps(treasured vintage). I had this sweet vintage toaster cozy( and no toaster) that I turned into a double gathering pocket for sorting your veggies from the garden ! The collar was made from part of a sham that had one small rip in the eyelet so I made the Apple as a sort of non-removable broochIt was one of those inspired late-nite moments where the scrap pile starts to make its own designs. ...

belle and burger will be at the market tomorrow April 16Th and will have this treasure with me...for sale
see y'all there hopefully!
....update~ sold apron but added much better photos...Really loved this one especially sac-like double pocket

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