Friday, April 8, 2011

knickers, new dresses, but no market

~Unfortunately, no market this week April 9Th for us. Burger and I caught a little stomach bug this week which put a damper on things 'round here. However, I thought I would share a few photos from last week's market and the past weeks makings.
I made some knickers(above) that I am loving. These bloomers were actually short shorts that I decided to elasticize the leg openings. They are very comfy and look adorable under a dress or skirt or by themselves! I am making more because they really lift my luggage.

~In the area of booth design (an area I struggle with)Kg and I ( mostly kg) came up with a changing room for my booth . This is not such a revealing photo. I promise a more in depth photo display, accompanied by a written explanation later.
~Spring is in high gear and rushing past here in central Texas which means a great demand for lovely, comfy dresses. I made this custom blue and lavender XL frock for a Hotrod Queen last week. It was made from a cotton sheet for her to wear to the Lone Star Roundup, last weekend.

~I also made this flowy, flirty little number. This dress is incredibly comfortable and very sassy. It sold last week and I was a little sad because I had told myself I could have it if it stayed through the market...but luckily it was made from new fabric so I can go get more to make myself one!This next dress is actually still available. I will post better photos in the shop this weekend. It is a medium to larger fitting size 6-12 nicely. It is made from new 100% cotton linen look fabric. I also loved this safri looking dress and almost kept it till I made this.....A little patchworked breeze designed especially for me. Finally after making at least 5 dresses thinking" this one is for me" I made a keeper( although I kept 2 others too)...sometimes I can be so dang fickle. I am planning on adding spaghetti ties to this. IT makes me flutter with is pretty patchworkiness....

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Kayleigh said...

I love your simple dresses. You have great taste in fabric!