Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Give your Tshirt some sass~no sew tutorial

MY absolute favorite T~shirt fix is just a half smile snip away!!!! It is super simple and make so many boxy unflattering T~shirts instantly wearable!!Sometimes this is all a shirt needs! I love this finish on a shirt because I have a very straight waist hip line and it gives the illusion of a smaller waist and bigger hips( I pine for bigger hips and arse).

boxy unflattering T~shirt
sharp shears/scissors
chalk or fabric marker
No fray spray or similar(optional)


1. Fold shirt in half taking time to make sure the halves line up at all seams

2. Measure the 3"s up on the side seams of shirt and mark if u like with chalk if or pencil(something washable). Then draw a half smile from mark gently sloping to the top of the hem at the center bottom of shirt

4. Apply fray check or no fray spray to the inside seams with no-fray spray where u cut the bottom...This is optional I usually either do nothing or do a quick stitch by hand or machine when and if it starts to come apart.

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Cucicucicoo said...

great idea, looks really good like that! :) lisa