Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Making aprons!!!!

~I have been having fun making aprons lately. All if these use re-purposed fabrics! The full apron is a version of of my favorite vintage apron. I have made quite a few aprons from the pattern I drew off that apron. The collar and the ruffled hem are my favorite parts of the design.

I actually made two of this one I call the prairie apron, and I needed one for me and one for the market. The pocket was made from a vintage embroidered table runner that had a stain in the enter. I tried to make the pocket extra big and sac like so that u might use it to harvest from a small garden.

This other chic apron is a new pattern I designed, I just love the gather with the wide waist band. Eventually I want to make an apron styled skirt and or dress starting with this pattern....stay tuned! You can check these out in my online shop or come see me at the farmers market this weekend!

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Louise said...

Oh they're beautiful, I love them. Makes me want to get my sewing machine fired up again ...