Thursday, April 26, 2012

The mommy in Me

Recently I was lucky enough to be interviewed for and up and coming article in The Austin American Statesman that is about mums who blog and do biznass here in Austin. After the interview I  had time to really think on the   interviewer's are some of those thoughts...

Here are a few more  thoughts on how I think the  blog and working in the  home really shaped my understanding of who I am as a Mother.

~First I will say that in KG's family, (of whom I mentioned falling for immediately), the mum's generally stayed home and practiced the art of making a home. Before KG and I even started trying to have our own lil monster,  I had professed my love and desire to be a stay at home mum. However for that to work we knew that eventually I would need to find a way to make a little bit of money from home and make staying at home help save us money.

Now these days, My yoga instructor often says "don't make a picture, feel your asana the posture"I can use that metaphor looking back now right Before and during the pregnancy, I definitely had a picture of "mother"I was to be(not so consciously I suppose). That pictured melted away as I nursed in the bed and gazed at that perfect little Gordon nose for hours; I felt terrified but completely new. I realize now,  none of the pictures were of me and him.

belle and burger started as a way for me to visualize us and me as a Mother. He was the perfect child for me and I was the perfect mother for him in just the everyday-ness of it. Without Him there would be no belle and burger; Burger inspires me, disciplines me and forces me to focus and make choices about what is important for myself and my family. I feel like my child has helped to tame and calm me. He gives me unbounded confidence and humbles my sometimes quite cynical view; giving me soft eyes. Being his mum makes me more aware of who me is. Through the blog I can share the fruits of our connection with others and as a ongoing interactive record for my family

Answering these questions  really stirred me and reminded me how truly blessed i am and for that I thank you.

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