Wednesday, June 16, 2010

An east coast dress from a Belle in Texas..

Sometimes I get so excited about the way a day goes I just wanna burst! Recently I found this strange and lovely fabric at my local thrift. I knew immediately it was perfect for a dress for my strange and lovely, coastal dwelling sista. But.... oh no!!! oh my!! When I went to put this thrilling frock together I noticed there were a few "runs " in the fabric. The runs were not holes YET but I new they could ruin this dress in the future If not dealt with pronto. My solution ? aqua seagulls, four of them scattered amongst the native gulls. and cowboys branding on the beach! Oh yeah and I really needed to put that parrot in the jungle flowers across the boobs. Well I know this might not be the best look for everyone but for one very special lady it is perfect! love you Yani!!You got to get inspired when what seems to be an obstacle turns something ordinary into extraordinary ( oh yeah I just said all that cheese .....and I meant it, ha! )


aiyanasphere said...

You have out done your self with this masterpiece Chasafrass! I will be the envy of all my friends when I wear it everyday as soon as I get it.Funny thing is burning holes in the lovely landscape skirt you made me got the cutesy cutest bird patch on it that I love,love,love! You are quite ingenious <3

Average Jane Crafter said...

Sass and a HALF, lady! I love it! :)