Thursday, June 17, 2010

A summer Panty Party

~IT is Haaaawt here in the A town( not Atlanta...but it is probably hot there to). NO, I mean it is sweltering here in Austin, Texas, as per usual this time of year. And one great way to be beat the heat is to lounge around in front of the fan in nothing but your drawers. But wait, what if those drawers were hand made by you out of your favorite old t shirts????!!!!???? The coolness of that would have to help drop the degrees a couple, right?
Well do not fret pretty peaches of Austin; I am hosting a panty making party right in my own home Thursday June 24Th! The class is based on my tutorial I posted here last summer!~To be honest with you, I have been putting off this party for sometime (things just kept coming up)...However as you all know everything happens for a reason. And one dang good reason was I got a line on some GREAT trims for the class!! Bra components sent over a box full of lovely samples for us to use for our panty party!!! Just so you know, Bra components, is an online store that sells bra and lingerie bits.They recently started selling retail( lucky us). Honestly they have the largest trims selection I have ever seen! Not to mention everything they sell comes in 1,925 PANTONE fashion colors. Which as you can see they sent me a beautiful sampling of (sorry for the plastic baggie photos; I want to keep them pristine till we can get our crafty paws on them. I just love the all the bright colored FOES. I think they are gonna look spiffy on our underwear, And with names like Amazon, Jelly Bean and Deep Wisteria; I am eager to see how these colors inspire!
So this means all you need bring are a couple of t shirts and a pair of undies you want to make a pattern from(we will cut them ) For the details check out the FB event page or just email me at, bellesouthgirl at yahoo dot com, and I will get you on the list, my peaches.

PS I am dying to try some of their new galloon stretch lace ! It is 6 and 3/4 " !!!! and it also comes in 1,925 PANTONE fashion colors.

then maybe I could make this !

( ok I know I cannot make that with the lace but somethimg similar ...then just stand like that)


Unknown said...

That sounds like so much fun!! Wish I could go. Please post pictures after for us to see! One of these days I will get around to making some from your tutorial. I even got some cute fabric for it.

Aiyana Sphere said...

I'm lounging in nothing but a Purple Zebra set now! Marissa loves Stweie as well ;)